Customize Copper

Martin gives you a multitude of options for making your garage door your very own.


Made from the purest copper, these unique doors offer a rare and distinctive look that will naturally patina, developing with time a breathtaking look.

Door Panel Types

Panel Styles

99.9% Copper Metal Warranty

Stacking Guide

For doors up to 20’

Door Finish Options

99.9% Pure Copper

Installed with new copper and in time, the copper door will naturally patina. Patina rates will vary depending on environment.

Color Style


Copper doors are insulated for thermal efficiency, noise reduction, durability, and minimal upkeep.

Steel + Insulation + Steel

Steel + 2 Insulation Layers + Steel


The Martin Door Premium Hardware Package includes roller, track and accessories for a strong and lasting door system. All Copper model doors come with a white powder coated track and hardware.

White Powder Coated

martin garage doors

Section Joint

Martin pinch-proof tongue and groove joint helps protect fingers and hands from serious injury.

martin garage doors

Antique Hardware

Beautiful matching hinges and handles add a touch charm to your garage door. Can be powder coated.

Additional Options

Customized features make Martin Garage Doors a unique and individualized door. Martin’s many unique options and security features bring style and functionality to any door.

Mail Slots

Available in brass or brushed aluminum. *Cannot be painted.


Color matched with the rest of the door.

Outside T-Handle Lock

Chrome, brass or black.

Inside Side-Latch Lock

(Padlock Not Included)

Vault Release

Allows you to open and close the door during power outage.

Window Types

Before you make a decision, click here to watch the installation of a Martin Door with Steel-Framed Windows

Steel-Framed Windows

Martin’s innovative window design provides proper wood grain direction and exact color match on these hand crafted sections. *Using Steel-Framed windows can limit the maximum width of some models.

Classic Windows

Old School but not forgotten, Martin Classic Windows come in a variety of beautiful choices.. We use high impact acrylic instead of glass for safety and durability. Windows panes can be upgraded to glass or different tint options. Upgrade your garage door window with an acrylic double pane for additional sound reduction and garage climate control.

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Window Options

Built like carriage house doors, but without the high maintenance associated with wood. Many stunning handmade designs.

Window Options

Window Height

Center Style Width

Window Tint & Laminate Options



Insulated Window Options

Upgrade your Steel-Framed windows with insulated glass.