Customize Athena

Martin gives you a multitude of options for making your garage door your very own.


The modern design of glass allows natural light while providing you with security and privacy. Beauty and elegance are at your fingertips.

Door Panel Types

Athena Configurations

Clear anodized aluminum, narrow borders, standard hardware.

Any anodized or powder color, wide borders, premium hardware.

Athena Glass Panels

23/24 gauge steel or 14 gauge aluminum Warranty

Available in aluminum only. (211) Wide 17’ 2” Max Width Warranty

Door Finish Options

Steel Finishes

Steel Paint Colors

Color Style Bronze Embossed Dark Brown Desert Taupe Light Almond Black Embossed White Mist

Texture: Embossed Steel Smooth Steel (Smooth Steel up to 10' wide) Smooth Aluminum (anodized or powder coated)

Color Style

Steel Wood Grain

Color Style

Powder Coat Finishes

Metallic - Steel: OR Aluminum:

Color Style Antique Silver Bright Stainless Bronze Metallic Bronze Tanzanite Metallic Weathered Iron Weathered Iron Champagne Metallic Cherry Wood Copper Gold Copper Vein Sage Metallic Sandcast Bronze Silver Shadow Corton Desert Bronze Emerald Metallic Golden Oak Patina Green Red Pine Redwood Metallic Aluminum Olive Bronze Rusty Iron Starlite Granite

Solid - Steel: OR Aluminum:

Color Style Adobe Stone Azure Blue Basalt Gray Beige Gray Beige Red Beige Black Gray Black Green Brown Green Brown Red Cement Gray Copper Brown Dark Brown Dark Chocolate Desert Taupe Fir Green Gray White Gray Yellow Jet Black Light Almond Light Ivory Mahogany Brown Moss Gray Moss Green Mouse Gray Oxide Red Oyster White Pale Brown Pebble Gray Pigeon Blue Pine Green Platinum Gray Pure White Red Brown Reed Green Sapphire Blue Signal Brown Signal Red Signal White Silk Gray Slate Gray Stone Gray Tarpaulin Gray Telegray 4 Terra Brown Traffic White White Mist Window Gray Wine Red

Anodized Aluminum Finishes

Natural looking, durable and corrosion-resistant

Color Style

Protective System

Martin Multi-layered baked-on enamel paint ensures superior corrosion resistance and a durable finish.

Protective System Diagram


Smooth or embossed textures are available on this door. (Embossed comes standard. Smooth doors are powdercoated)


Add insulation for thermal efficiency, noise reduction, durability, and minimal upkeep. (R-value represents rails only. Total door r-value will vary depending on glass type.)


Includes roller, track and accessories for a strong and lasting door system.

Martin Door Premium Hardware Package 

Section Joint

Martin safety joint helps protect fingers and hands from serious injury.

martin garage doors

Martin Door features a full pinch-proof joint that’s available in steel and aluminum Athena.

Additional Options

Customized features make Martin Garage Doors a unique and individualized door. Martin’s many unique options and security features bring style and functionality to any door.

Mail Slots

Available in brass or brushed aluminum. *Cannot be painted.


Color matched with the rest of the door.

Outside T-Handle Lock

Chrome, brass or black.

Inside Side-Latch Lock

(Padlock Not Included)

Vault Release

Allows you to open and close the door during power outage.

Window Options

Built like carriage house doors, but without the high maintenance associated with wood. Many stunning handmade designs.

Window Options

Window Height

Center Style Width

Window Tint & Laminate Options



Insulated Window Options

Upgrade Your Steel-Framed Windows with Insulated Glass