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martin garage doors worlds finest safest garage doors since 1936

Martin Premium Hardware

martin premium springs

Martin Premium Springs

Side-mount galvanized safety spring system carries a lifetime warranty and has a 30,000 life cycle.

martin premium track and roller

Martin Premium Track & Roller

Reverse angle, 16-gauge steel track features hemmed edges and reduced hole size. Martin rollers have precision sealed ball bearings, and are pre-lubricated for smooth use.

martin premium hinges

Martin Premium Hinge

Our 10+14 gauge, low profile pinch-proof safety hinge reduces the gap between back sections of the garage door.

martin premium lift cable

Martin Premium Lift Cable

Our strong, 2000 pounds lift capacity, thicker 1/8″ cable protects from breakage with extra loop protection, and is located INSIDE low clearance track, making your door safer.

martin premium locking brackets

Martin Premium Lock-On
Bottom Bracket

Cable and bracket are locked and secure, so if screws are removed while the springs are wound, the bracket will not move. This safety feature is exclusive to Martin Door.

martin garage doors modifies clearance height on site

Low Clearance

Martin hardware comes disassembled so you can immediately cut to size; installers modify ON SITE to fit any clearance height.

martin garage doors accessories


Beautiful matching hinges and handles add a touch of charm to your garage door. Magnetic or screw-on handles, hinges, and clavos. Aluminum hardware can be powder coated.

Protective System

Martin Multi-layered baked-on enamel paint ensures superior corrosion resistance and a durable finish.

Protective System Diagram